Like it or not, rejection is a fact of life, especially when it comes to your job search. No matter how skilled and experienced you are, rejection is often inevitable. But there is an upside. The trick is to learn how to handle rejection, maintain a positive attitude and use that rejection to your advantage in your next opportunity.

Here are some top tips to handle rejection:

1. It’s not personal, it’s business

A job interview isn’t a popularity contest. If an employer thinks you’re the right person for the job, they’ll let you know. If you don’t get an offer, don’t take it personally. It didn’t mean that the interviewers didn’t like you or that they didn’t think you had valuable skills. It just means that someone else was a better fit.

2. Keep your head high and your outlook positive

Remember every rejection is another step on the road to gaining an offer! Preparation offers protection – don’t send a standard CV without doing any research or tailoring it to the position as you will probably get rejected. Avoid this by researching the situation thoroughly, thinking about what the position requires, and making sure that your application covers this.

3. Look in the mirror

Are you aiming too high? If you are constantly being rejected — particularly if you are not getting interviews — consider the possibility that you’re overestimating your capabilities. “Are you applying for jobs that you’re not qualified to do?”

4. Ask for feedback and learn from it

You have to understand why a decision was made.

Typically managers will makes these decisions based on who they think has the relevant skills and experience. Find out which ones you lacked and learn from it. Don’t waste time blaming others – improve yourself.

5. Talk it through

Being able to let off steam with a friend is important. There is nothing worse than getting in a spiral of despair. Getting an outside perspective can also help you to reassess your approach to your next application/interview.

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