Overcoming mental health struggles

Overcoming mental health struggles

As Mental Health Awareness Week draws to an end, we finish the week with a story from Kirsty, an Employment Advisor in Plymouth, on how after being diagnosed with depression, she is now thriving.   I was originally diagnosed with depression in 2007 after losing my job due to a car accident. I was struggling […] Read More

Thriving in work with mental health

Thriving in work with mental health

We’re nearing the end of Mental Health Awareness Week, where we have been sharing examples of our colleagues who are thriving at work – even with a mental health condition. You can too! Kate’s story Kate Williams, Employment Advisor at Remploy, has experienced anxiety and depression. Here’s her story… I have suffered from anxiety and […] Read More

How do you thrive with mental health? Mental Health Awareness Week 8-14 May 2017

How do you thrive with mental health?

We are halfway through Mental Health Awareness Week (#MHAW17 on Twitter). The national theme is surviving or thriving. We want to support more people with a mental health condition to thrive. Laura Turner, Lead Disability Ambassador at Remploy, shares her experience of mental health issues and how she has been able to thrive… Paws for thought A […] Read More

Removing the stigma of mental health in the workplace - Mental Health Awareness Week 8-14 May 2017

Removing the stigma of mental health in the workplace

Mental Health Awareness Week starts today, 8 May. Gareth Parry, Remploy Chief Executive, discusses how to remove the stigma of mental health in the workplace. The challenge of removing the stigma around mental health is one of the major issues facing the business community and wider society, in particular, today. The figures are staggering: One […] Read More

Supporting colleagues with narcolepsy, computer tablet showing narcolepsy as a word and heartbeat line, stethoscope alongside tablet

What is narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder affecting around 1 in 2,500 people and has a huge effect on an individual’s sleep patterns. They may feel weak, drowsy and fall asleep at unwanted times, any time during the day whether at work, home, eating, in conversation or carrying out an activity. What are the main symptoms? Symptoms may […] Read More

Health and safety in the workplace

Today is World Day for Health and Safety at Work. To promote awareness of this day, let’s look at how we can all be safe at work. Who is responsible for health and safety in the workplace? As an employee you are entitled to leave work in the same condition you arrived to work. So […] Read More

Diabetes image

Five things you need to know about diabetes

There are over 4.5 million* people in the UK with diabetes. Worryingly, an estimated 1.1 million* of these people have the condition, but don’t know it. What is diabetes? Diabetes is a common life-long health condition where the amount of glucose (sugar) in your blood is too high. This is the result of the body’s inability […] Read More

Disability Confident Leader logo

Remploy leads on disability confidence

Did you know Remploy is one of only 13 companies in the UK to have been awarded ‘Leader’ status by the national Disability Confident scheme operated by the Department for Work and Pensions? The accolade, which is the highest award, recognises an employer dedicated to supporting people with disabilities or health conditions in the workplace, […] Read More

Things not to say to a blind person

Things not to say to a blind person

“You don’t look blind” “What’s the point in getting your hair styled?” “Oh, you have an actual job?” These are just some of the things blind and partially sighted people hear on a regular basis. From presuming their lack of sight means they have other superhero (a la Daredevil) powers, to receiving an instant apology […] Read More