Knowing how to answer emails, use company files, research a subject or track down information on the internet are all digital skills that are needed in today’s job market.

Around 90 per cent of jobs require digital skills now and employers expect you to have them. Digital skills are also vital for finding a job or career in the first place. Job searching, researching employers online, emailing employers and producing your CV can now all be done online.

So what skills should I have?
You’ll often see things like ‘computer skills including Microsoft Office suite’, ‘experience of Gmail’, in the skills and experience section of job specs. A good way to understand digital skills is to think about what you want to do.

There are skills for communication – email, social media like Facebook and Twitter. Skills for creating documents, slides, spreadsheets, making videos and storing them all, and skills for searching for information online and to do all this safely.

What help is available?
Remploy can help you find out more about digital skills and how to use them effectively to find your next job. We have people in branches and people who you can talk to you on our website.

Where can I learn digital skills?
You can learn online. The links below are to sites that are really simple to use and you can get help in one of our branches.

  1. Learn my way
  2. Digital Unite
  3. The Digital Garage


You can also look for somewhere near you. Try searching for your postcode on this website to find local places where you can learn and develop your digital skills.

You can use these skills for anything you like, not just job searching and work.

Having the world at your fingertips would enable you to:

  • Keep in touch with family and friends
  • Saving money by shopping online
  • Do online banking and pay bills
  • Search for special deals on holidays
  • Being able to develop your hobbies and interests
  • Stay up to date with news.

For more information on learning digital skills contact your local branch today.