Welcome to the Remploy blog site, we’ve tried to make our blog intuitive and easy to use. Here are some useful tips for using the website.

Navigating the blog
You can get access to the main site by using the navigation at the top of every page.

The search feature on the website enables you to type in a keyword or phrase that you are interested and relevant content will be displayed in a list format.

Access Keys
If you have difficulty using a mouse, you can scroll up and down pages using the arrows on your keyboard. Access keys are shortcuts programmed to navigate around the website. Hold down the “alt” key and type the required character to tell your browser where to go next. On some older browsers you may be required to press enter. On an Apple computer, use the “control” plus access key combination.

You can make the website talk by downloading the free text to speech software BrowseAloud. Simply install it and then move your mouse over any text, link, picture or button and BrowseAloud will speak it to you. The download is approximately 2.5Mb.

Reading PDF Documents
There are PDF documents in some parts of our website which you can download. You will need Adobe PDF reader to read these files; you can download this software by clicking on this link to the Adobe website and downloading the file. The download is 1.5MB

Finding a Remploy branch
Remploy branches are listed alphabetically; click the nearest one to you. Each branch has a map, contact details and photograph if available. Use the map to help with directions to the branch.

Where can I find out more about using the Internet?
The BBC website, My Web My Way, provides more detailed advice and help for people with disabilities use the World Wide Web. To find out more information, navigate to the BBC website by clicking on this link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/accessibility/